Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We will be having the course "Family and Consumer Science", a.k.a. Home Economics, in addition to keyboarding.

The courses will alternate, beginning with 2 weeks of keyboarding first.

You will need to make sure and check THIS blog in addition to the keyboarding blog on a regular basis to see if anything has changed.

You will also need to refer to the blog to know which class will be taking place. The schedule should be known in advance and able to be posted on the blog early enough that there should be no confusion.

Unless otherwise noted, you will convene in the classroom for both classes, and then we will head to where the class will take place if it is elsewhere.

In Home Economics, there will be lessons, class assignments, and tests given. Most of our work will be done in groups that will be assigned. The testing will consist of both traditional testing from the coursework, as well as hands-on testing to evaluate performance of other forms of coursework. The hands-on testing will be graded according to a rubrik, following certain criteria, and you will be given the criteria in advance so you will be able to become proficient. That is not to say you will not have to do any out-of-class preparation, though.

This course is designed to be material relevant to life, and hopefully will be seen by everyone as a FUN way to learn as well.