Monday, October 19, 2015

Egg-Baby Journal Questions

__/__/__ : Egg-Baby Journal – Entry 1
You meet up with your best friend after school (girl or boy) and they tell you that they are pregnant (girl) or their girlfriend is pregnant (boy). 
1.    What thoughts do you think would be going through your mind right then? 
2.    How would you react? What is the first thing you think you would say to that person?
3.    What options would you tell your friend they had to help them through this situation?

__/__/__ : Egg Baby Journal – Entry 2 
1.    Should a mother or father give up their job to stay at home to raise their children?
2.    Do you think that a mother or a father is a better “stay at home parent”?
3.   In a divorce, who should get custody of the children: mother or father? Why or why not?

__/__/__ : Egg Baby Journal – Entry 3
Now that you are a parent of an “Egg Baby”, everyone in your family wants to see your new baby/babies. 
1.    Describe what would it be like in your family for one day as your relatives visit? Include reactions, thoughts, and emotions. Must be at least 1 paragraph long (3-4 sentences min.). 

__/__/__ : Egg Baby Journal – Entry 4  
Your baby is sick. You have to decide if you or your parent/guardian will stay home with the baby, and which will go to work / school?
1.    Who would win the battle of staying home and watching the baby?
2.    If it was you, how would you get to the doctor’s office while your parent/guardian is working?

__/__/__ : Egg Baby Journal – Entry 5
You want to go on vacation to a theme park. You have to take your child / children with you.
1.    What friends or relatives are going with you?
2.    Write a paragraph about what you would do at the theme park and how having a child with you will affect certain activities, cost, etc....
3.    How does the baby affect your having fun at the park?
4.    How will this change your selection of rides?

__/__/__ : Egg Baby Journal – Entry 6
1.    Now that being a parent of an egg is over, do you think that you were a good parent during this project?
2. What were the most troublesome times during carrying the egg(s)?